Inspired by Iceland


"Ég dreymir um þetta frábæra land."

-"I dream of this wonderful country."

Early in the spring, I spend 5 weeks in the northern part of Iceland. The powerful nature in Iceland has always inspired me and by spending so much time in this beautiful country, I was able to get a deeper and better understanding of just how powerful and stunning nature in Iceland is. Among several beautiful places I visited, was the area of Lake Mývatn. I can't really begin to describe the colours, the forces, the structures, formations and surfaces with so much depth and raw, northern beauty; I wouldn't be done if I could fill a hundred pages. All I can say is, I felt at home in Mývatn and naturally much of my ceramics is now influenced by this meeting. What is truly empowering to me is to see the way my soul must have been influenced by the powers of Iceland before I even visited; my older works have the same aesthetics.


Inspired by Iceland

Maja Højgaard